Staff Info – Camp Cedar


Winter Address (until June 3rd):

Camp Cedar
1758 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA 02445
Winter Phone: (617) 277-8080
Winter Fax: (617) 277-1488

Summer Address (after June 3rd):

Camp Cedar
112 Camp Cedar Road
Casco, ME 04015
Summer Phone: (207) 627-4266
Summer Fax: (207) 627-4152


ALL STAFF ARRIVE AT CAMP WEDNESDAY JUNE 16th by 5:00 p.m. *Archery, Ropes, and Lifeguard Training need to arrive June 12 by 5:00pm The first week of orientation is used to help get you trained for the job and to prepare for the opening day of camp (see Orientation Week below).

Please review the Staff Calendar and the dates of your contract. If for any reason you must arrive late or leave before your contract is completed, you must arrange this with camp prior to arrival.

Once your arrival date is determined, please plan to arrive at camp by 5:00 p.m.

Departure from camp on the final date of your contract must be planned for after 1:00 pm. Please realize that the Portland airport and bus station are an hour from camp and make your plans accordingly. Camp will provide transportation to the bus station or airport after 1:00 pm on your final day of work.


There are several ways to get to camp – own car, carpool, bus, plane (see suggested plane and bus routes on the Domestic Staff Travel Form). You are responsible for arranging your own transportation to camp. If you are coming by bus or airplane to Portland, ME, we will be happy to pick you up at a pre-arranged time. Please reconfirm the pick-up date and time with us a few days prior to your arrival to ensure a timely pick-up.

If you would like to try to carpool with another staff member from your part of the country or are having difficulty making travel arrangements, please let us know early so that we can try to help.

International staff, please review the International Staff Travel sheet before making final arrangements.

Shipping Luggage to Camp
If you do not bring your luggage with you, we suggest that you send it by mail or UPS. Be sure to mark it “STAFF” and send so it will arrive at camp before you do. Do not use hard-sided trunks. It is best to use large duffel bags. The shipping address is Camp Cedar, 112 Camp Cedar Road, Casco, ME 04015.


Our orientation time is 8 days in length and is mandatory. During this time, you will meet the rest of the staff and begin to plan for the summer ahead. We pride ourselves on doing an excellent and thorough job of training the staff for the job of being a camp counselor. Issues including team building, teaching practice, activity planning, risk management, bunk management and much more are covered during this week. This is really the time for the staff to get to know one another and to develop as a team.


When you arrive, you will be assigned to a cabin and will share a room with 3-5 other staff members. The cabins are comfortable, wooden buildings with bunk beds, electricity and plumbing.

Staff Clothing / Equipment List
We do not have a staff uniform. However, we do require every support staff member to buy 4 staff t-shirts, which we sell at our cost, for a total of $15.00. This $15.00 will be deducted from the balance of your pay at end of the summer. Camp will also provide you with 4 staff shirts giving you a total of 8 staff shirts which we would like to you wear as often as possible. Though our dress code is casual, we do expect that you will dress neatly and appropriately for you role at camp. Kitchen, dining hall and maintenance staff are required to wear shoes/sneakers which cover the toes. Please do not bring t-shirts with inappropriate graphics for work around children. The Staff Clothing / Equipment List will give you some idea of what to bring with you. You can use your own judgment about most of the articles listed. We provide sheets and pillowcases for everyone. If possible, you should bring three blankets or a comforter for a single bed, a pillow, and towels. We recommend that you bring a bedside clip-on light for reading at night after the kids have gone to bed. DO NOT BRING ELECTRIC BLANKETS, STEREO SYSTEMS OR TV’s TO CAMP.

You can choose to have your laundry done for you once a week in our own laundry facility. Please bring a labeled laundry bag. Because we do a great deal of laundry every day, some of your things can get mixed in with others. So that you are able to get your clothes returned, it is imperative that everything you bring is clearly labeled. Name tags work better than indelible markers, which tend to wash out. There are also laundromats in the local area where you could do your own laundry if you choose.

We have a doctor and four nurses on staff. You have access to them if you have any sickness or injury. If you take any prescription drugs, bring a copy of the prescription with you. Health Center hours will be explained at camp.

Health and Accident Insurance
All staff members are completely covered by Workman's Compensation for any accident that occurs while performing camp duties. You are required to have health insurance and must provide a copy of your insurance information.

Please fill out the Staff Insurance Form (see Necessary Forms/Identifications) and email or fax it to us prior to your arrival.

If you are coming through an international exchange program that includes health/accident insurance (BUNAC, CCUSA, Camp America, CampLeaders, etc.), you do not need to provide proof of insurance.

Special Diets
Because we feed over 500 people daily (with campers and staff), it is impossible for us to cater to special diets. Our menu is well balanced and nutritious, and we know that there is something served at each meal that everyone can eat. We usually have a salad bar and a pasta option at lunch and dinner.

Car Keys
If you drive to camp we strongly suggest that you bring an extra set of your car keys with you, and give one set to us for safekeeping.

Camp Drivers
Only those who are 21 years of age with a clean driving record may drive camp vehicles. If you are 21 and have a valid driver's license, you must send or fax us a copy of your license, which we will use to run a license check to determine your eligibility to drive camp vehicles. We will also ask you to take a Camp Cedar “driving test” so we are sure you are familiar with our vehicles. When not needed for camp business, our vehicles may be available during the evenings for local use by authorized staff. **International staff over 21 years of age must have an International Driver's License if planning on driving staff.

You are welcome to have occasional visitors during the summer but they should not interfere with your work. Please do not invite guests to sleep at camp. We ask this in order to maintain the complete safety of our kids. Let us know if you intend to have guests, and be sure to introduce them to us when they arrive.

Cell Phones/Tablets/Computers
Staff members are NOT ALLOWED to use their personal electronic devices around camp or in your bunk. These devices are allowed to be used in your housing quarters where wireless internet is provided, or in our staff lounge. Similarly, at scheduled times during the evening, personal electronic devices are allowed in our main office and "Big House" area. Campers are NOT ALLOWED to have personal electronic devices, nor are they allowed to use any belonging to a staff member. Please keep all said devices to yourself.

Personal Cash and Valuables
We strongly suggest that only a limited amount of cash be kept at camp and recommend you bring a credit or debit card instead of cash. Cash advances from your salary will be available regularly. We also recommend that you leave items of monetary or sentimental value at home. Cameras and all other equipment should be marked with your name (we have an engraver available at camp). Camp is not responsible for items lost or stolen at camp. A camp locker will be assigned to you for your valuables with a $10 key deposit which will be returned to you at the end of the season.


Work Schedules
Your schedule will depend on the job to which you are assigned. We will go over the specifics once you arrive at camp. Everyone will have some time off during the day and evening and may take advantage of all the facilities available at camp. We hope that you will become fully involved in camp life and will participate in, or attend, as many of the summer’s activities as possible.

Along with your work assignments and your free time, you will also be responsible for the upkeep of the cabins where you live. All staff quarters will be inspected regularly. We will set up a system so everyone shares responsibility for the cleaning of the cabins.

Days Off
We know that it is important to take time off and recharge throughout the summer. Built in to the schedule are regular days off. Typically there are trips out of camp that you can join to enjoy a local area site or to shop.


Camp is on a beautiful lake, and the waterfront is made available to the entire staff. The head of our waterfront is in charge of all waterfront activities. There are a few rules that need mentioning. The only time anyone is allowed on the waterfront is when a lifeguard is on duty. Also, we always use the "buddy" system and no one may ever swim alone. Anyone at Cedar who wants to use the waterfront for swimming, boating or skiing must take a swimming test to make sure they will be safe in the water. The boats and water-skiing will be made available at assigned times for those who have passed the swimming test.

We strongly discourage smoking. Smoking is not allowed while you are working with our campers. The ONLY smoking allowed on campus is in the designated smoking area at the far end of the staff parking lot AFTER TAPS (around 9:15pm) and ONLY if you are off duty. Smoking is not allowed in or near any buildings, including your cabins or wherever children are present.

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs
The drinking age in Maine, as in the rest of the U.S., is 21 and no one under age is allowed to drink at any time. Maine alcohol laws are some of the toughest in the US and are strictly enforced. There is no drinking on camp property. If you are of age, we expect you to keep your drinking to moderation. No one may return to camp intoxicated. Use or possession of illegal drugs is not allowed. Violation of any of these rules may be cause for automatic dismissal and/or appropriate legal action.

At camp, we have a curfew for all staff of 12:30 am. We need our entire team to be fresh and alert for the benefit and safety of our kids. If you go out of camp for an evening, you will need to be back by 12:30 am.

While we recognize that many of our staff may have tattoos or piercings, we do reserve the right to ask you to remove certain piercings i.e. eyebrow rings, large nose rings, gauges, lip rings or cover large conspicuous tattoos in order to maintain an environment we feel appropriate with our campers.