Safety + Nutrition – Camp Cedar

Safety + Nutrition

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Cedar. All of our staff go through training to reduce any possible risks at camp. If any boy needs medical attention we have a professional health center with 6 RN’s and a doctor on site. Our head nurse for the past 20 years is a past president of the American Camp Association Nursing Association and is a college nursing professor. He also has run nursing workshops where many of the other camps train their nurses on how to run a great camp health center. Our doctors are typically camp parents who rotate through for a week or two.

We make sure the boys are getting sunblock applied a number of times a day and have sunblock stations all around camp. We take safety at the lake very seriously, campers always use the Red Cross buddy system to insure safety at all times.We also make sure to keep the boys drinking plenty of water and have water bubblers at all the activities.

Our head chef, Gill Stansfield, for the past ten years is a department chair at Johnson and Wales University. We serve delicious, kid friendly, nutritious food each day. We always have a variety of options at each meal. We always have a pasta bar available as well as an extensive salad bar with items ranching from hummus to grilled chicken. Most of our meals are served family style with assigned seating with counselors at the head of the table to help the boys with their meal.

We also have a scratch baker that makes breads and desserts each day. He is also known for our famous milk and cookies afternoon snack. We scoop and serve over 15,000 cookies each year!

In addition to the three main meals we have fruit available all day long. At nighttime, we serve a smaller fourth meal to keep our growing boys and staff well fed.