Leadership – Camp Cedar

Our Leadership

Sammy Wolf Mcleod – Robbie Mcleod

The oldest daughter of Sue and Adam, Sammy, grew up at camp and has a passion for camping. She is a positive force of nature who sees the best in everybody and everything. She previously taught for Boston Public Schools, and as a dedicated educator she brings her skills into play at camp as one of the head counselors, primarily in charge of our 4th grade boys. Sammy met her husband, Robbie, when he came to camp as a soccer counselor. Robbie is a highly certified soccer coach and has coached in Scotland and in the US at the club and High School Level at Phillips Academy Andover. Robbie also played semi-professionally in Scotland. At camp, Robbie runs the Soccer Program and oversees the 14- and 15-year-olds. Robbie has extensive experience working with kids, growing up with three brothers and countless foster care siblings, as well as spending a summer working at a camp for kids with many and varying needs. When he is not at camp, Robbie is a full time Paramedic and Firefighter where he is a SAFE educator for local schools. Robbie and Sammy have two young boys who spend their summers at camp.

Kevin “London” Greenacre – Athletic Director

Kevin has been at Cedar for 15 years as first a counselor, head of soccer and now our athletic director. Kevin is an athletic director and teacher at a middle school in Toronto. Kevin is a tremendous coach and leader who works with all of the programs at camp bringing with him his professionalism and high standards. He worked with the West Ham professional soccer team and was even their mascot for a season. Kevin and Soneeka have one son, Everett, who is also at Cedar. Kevin is a wonderful leader and mentor to our counselors and campers alike.

Keso Peterson – Athletic Director

Keso has been our athletic director for over 20 years. Keso and his wife, Tanesha, have two boys who have been through camp and one daughter who grew up and Cedar and worked here for a number of years. In the offseason, Keso is an athletic director at the Scott school in Toledo. Keso is an experienced and talented coach and athlete. Keso played football for Ohio State and has coached soccer, volleyball, football and tennis at the high school level. Keso has an amazing array of talents. In addition to his impressive athletic background, he runs a dance troup, is an outstanding drummer and terrific photographer. Keso is a great team player who helps out camp in so many ways.

Peter Charlish – A bit of everything

Peter has been at Cedar for over 20 years. For the first 13, he was a counselor, then head of soccer and then our program director. He took a number of years off and started his career as a law professor in Sheffield and started a family. A few years back he decided to return with his son, Andrew and rejoined the Cedar family as a camp parent. Peter is an incredibly hard worker who helps camp run smoothly. He is a coach, a photographer, a mature voice, a helping hand and a smart and experienced camp professional.

Tremaine and Yuliya Skeen – Program Director

Tremaine first came to camp as a 19 year counselor and an avid Georgia football fan. He met his wife, Yuliya, at camp and they now have two boys who all spend the summers with us in Maine. Yuliya was awarded teacher of the year in her school district last year and has been a head counselor with us. In the offseason Tremaine is a math professor at High Point University and a proud dad of two. Tremaine was a high school quarterback, starting point guard and on the tennis team. He attended University of Georgia and continues to be an avid fan of the “Dawgs”. Tremaine is a funny, sensible and beloved member of the camp community. He writes the programs each day for all the campers and staff and is known for his creativity and flexibility.

VJ Gibbons – Head Nurse

VJ is much more than the best camp nurse; he is an integral part of our whole camp community. He has been the President of the camp nurses association, is on the American Camping Association website teaching other camps on how to open and run a camp health center, has run camp nursing workshops for many of the other camps, is a frequent presenter at camping conferences and he sets the tone that our health center is a warm and welcoming place for any of the boys who are not feeling well. He is a great communicator and is very reassuring to camp moms and dads that their boys are getting the right care. He has a great laugh and we are lucky to have him leading our health center. VJ and his partner Trevor (who also works as a camp nurse) have one daughter Sydney.

Brad Meeder – Head counselor

Brad started his camp career as a counselor and taught on the tennis staff. Brad has pursued a career in education and recently graduated from Harvard graduate Education Department. He is the head of math department at the Rashi School in Dedham, MA. Brad has an amazing width and depth of interests and skills. He is an avid athlete who plays tennis, golf and basketball in the offseason. He can play the guitar and sing, is an accomplished juggler, can solve a rubics cube in a flash, can dunk a basketball, MC an evening activity with wit and wisdom, and is a kind, thoughtful, role model and advisor to our boys.

Chelsea Cwiklik – Arts Director and Community Service Coordinator

Chelsea has been at Cedar for over a decade, first coming as a counselor and then working her way as a head counselor and for the past few summers as our art director. Chelsea brings her passion for arts to Cedar and has a strong following for her programs. She has started an arts achievement chart and has built a program that is diverse and successful. Among the projects the boys participated in, they created their own comic books, did ceramics, learned drawing and painting, built rockets and were able to explore their own interests. Chelsea’s teaching background and her energy help make the arts department thrive. Chelsea also is our leader in our community service outreach programs. She brings the passion for arts and community to Cedar and is a key member of our Cedar family.

Alvero Molina - Tennis Director

Alvero is the director of our tennis program but he is much more than that. It was once said, “everyone should be coached by someone like Alvero once in their life!” He is so fun and funny and passionate and creative and dedicated that you can’t help but improve and have fun.

Alvero runs a tennis academy in Madrid in the offseason and brings his experience and expertise to Cedar each summer. He is a tremendous coach and player who has a knack for improving the beginning players and challenging the more experienced ones. He mixes drills with games and gets the boys to have fun and work hard. He uses low compression balls for the beginners and even has special programs to play on the grass when the courts are too wet to use. Despite being our tennis pro, Alvero is also an avid soccer fan and insists on coaching our younger boys in the Sunday morning soccer Pizza league games. You can always see (and hear) Alvero cheering on his teams with joy and passion that make him such a wonderful and popular coach! Alvero’s wife and daughters join us at camp each summer.